2SNOW: snow lances
with know-how

In recent years both the technical requirements and the demand for energy-efficient solutions for artificial snowmaking have increased enormously. To meet these demands and continue to stay one step ahead, Schubert Elektroanlagen (Schubert electrical systems) in collaboration with the Swiss snow-lance manufacturer Bächler TOP TRACK AG, have developed the 2SNOW brand. Over 30 years of experience in the field of snowmaking technology thus unites with Swiss precision in the 2SNOW product line. The result: snow-lances with know-how. Thanks to a specially designed patent, the lances from 2SNOW not only get the best results in snow quality and efficiency, but also preserve the environment and, by reducing compressed air consumption, they lower energy costs for customers as well.

Snow lances vs.
snow cannons

Investments into years of research leave 2SNOW lances looking good in any comparison with of the conventional snow cannons on the market. With 2SNOW snow lances, snow is sprayed up to 35 metres away and snow volumes add up to as much as 55 m33/per hour – and at an energy-savings of up to 90 percent. Very efficient.

A step ahead with SNOWefficiency.

The edge comes not only from an early enough start, but also from the right technology. And Schubert Elektroanlagen have had the right technology for over 30 years: SNOWefficiency by Schubert offers customers comprehensive solutions for their snow production – from the software to the snow lance, all from a single supplier and, on request, guidance from the SNOWefficiency team under the leadership of Johann Buresch right up to the moment the first snow flakes fall.