World premier: TRIDUSA three-headed lance

The innovation from 2SNOW provides 3 times the snow at limit temperatures.


With the SnoTek TRIDUSA lance, you obtain triple the snow production per snowmaking area. Especially the extreme performance at temperature limits makes your snowmaking system even more powerful.

Given the dwindling window for snow production, the productivity of your snowmaking system is crucial!

This is is where the three-headed lance comes in. With the limit temperature equipment, at -2.0&nbps;°C FK 1.85 l/s of water (at 30 bar) can be managed. This results in approximately 15 m3 snow per hour. At -4.0 °C FK the system can be switched on, which depending on pressure produces up to 40 m3 of snow per hour. With the medium-range equipment, “GT_0.7” basic level manages 2.8 l/s and with the connector around 5 l/s.

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